Benefits List

  1. Order by telephone, fax, or the internet at .
  2. Pay by cash, check (after your first order), or credit card
  3. Friendly Personalized service by the Urban Family.
  4. Receive Whole Person Grocery Delivery:  you are not just buying groceries, you are supporting stronger families and a healthier community.
  5. Urban Grocery donates time and money to sexual health education emphasizing abstinence in preparation for marriage through its nonprofit program, ULTRA Teen Choice.
  6. Receive free delivery with the Family Plus plan.
  7. Spend more time doing things that you really enjoy.
  8. Choose from over 8000 products.
  9. Save money with weekly specials!
  10. Delivery right to your kitchen counter;  no lugging, no hassle.
  11. We deliver only the freshest produce and meats plus quality grocery items, guaranteed.
  12. Save money by not impulse shopping.
  13. Save on automobile or other travel expense (no driving to the store).
  14. Shop anytime at
  15. Reorder easily using your own custom order form
  16. Receive ext day delivery.