Mission & Values

To make life easier for customers through our network of Home Grocery Delivery Affiliates, who deliver quality products with caring, personalized service. We provide a complete delivery system for entrepreneurs, as well as a delivery solution for client stores.

Core Values:
Service to Others

Community Service:
Urban Grocery donates time and money to Urban Life Training.

The mission of ULTRA Teen Choice is to provide education, peer counseling and clubs for youth that will empower them to be successful in life by choosing abstinence from sex outside of marriage and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. ULTRA Teen Choice provides direct services to youth and youth serving organizations as well as training clients to implement the ULTRA Teen Choice program in their own setting.

Through this support of ULTRA Teen Choice, Urban Grocery contributes to the well being of our community and helps youth to avoid the serious problems of HIV/AIDS infection, out of wedlock pregnancy and the other physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial consequences of sex outside of marriage.  Read more about this critical work in our community at www.urbanlifetraining.org.

Richard & Stacey ULTRA Teen Choice Seminar
Co-Founders Stacey and Richard Urban.  View the slide show on Flickr.

Co-founder Stacey Urban (front left) with youth & community members atOctober 4, 2008 ULTRA Teen Choice training seminar.  View the slide show on Flickr.